In 2019 a roiling surge of rage swept around the world.

Armed with placards and a unified voice, an army of adolescent activists skipped school, taking to the streets, stridently demanding an urgent halt to climate-change inaction.

Now, a new world hastens upon us.

Inferno and infection, once the stuff of biblical stories and dystopian imaginings, are playing out as retribution for our environmental disdain. Meanwhile, The Doomsday Clock - a metaphorical timekeeper - continues its countdown to the apocalypse, ticking inexorably closer to midnight; the only deadline that we cannot ignore.

I am a parent, but I am also a human being complicit in our unravelling, and in the broken place that remains for my children. As they enter the abyss between child and adult, my charges are burdened not only with teenage angst, but with the aftermath of our complacency.

Rebecca Hastings 2020